RL Gymnasium Training

After my second, significantly more thorough reading of Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction by Sutton and Barto (2nd edition), I wanted to get my hands dirty and apply some of what I’d learned. I created the repository rl-gymnasium-training to work on my Reinforcement Learning (RL) skills using Gymnasium environments (https://gymnasium.farama.org/). There is no substitute for trying to implement and apply algorithms yourself - In my experience it not only improves your practical skills in a field, but also improves your understanding of the theory. At the time of writing this I had solved three simple gym environments, below are some gif examples:

Random Agent Trained Agent
CartPole Random Agent CartPole Trained Agent
Lunar Lander Random Agent Lunar Lander Trained Agent
FrozenLake Random Agent CartPole Trained Agent

Check out the repository if you’re interested, and feel free to reach out with any questions!